Diabetes Awareness Month

November is Diabetes Awareness Month and the Ontario Association of Optometrists (OAO) is reminding the public about the importance of routine eye exams—especially for those living with diabetes. Approximately 1.2 million Ontarians have diabetes and as many as 200,000 people are unaware they have it. In fact, according to the Canadian Diabetes Association by 2020… View Article

Why We All Need to Schedule a Comprehensive Eye Examination

When we have healthy eyes, we may forget about the importance of taking preventative steps namely, an optical examination. Nevertheless, timely detection of any eye or vision problems is critical to maintaining healthy eyes. This can easily be done with an annual eye exam. Many optical diseases don’t have any obvious signs. Therefore, individuals are… View Article

EYEFOODS – A Food Plan for Healthy Eyes

Pick up your copy in our store today. Eyefoods is a must-have informative book that gives you the necessary knowledge to make the food and lifestyle choices that will help preserve your eye health. Based on current scientific research, filled with tips and photos in an easy to read, pleasant format, it is a great… View Article