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Eye Exams

In today’s world of computers, TVs and tons of visual information - it is vital that you go through a routine eye exam at least once a year to eliminate long term vision problems or diseases.

Diabetic Eye Health Evaluation

People with diabetes are at a high risk for developing a variety of eye disease including cataracts, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy which is one of the leading causes of blindness.  


Early detection is key to preventing vision loss.  Our team will carefully monitor for any disease progression and we will help preserve your vision from diabetes through the use of modern detection technology.

Contact Lens Fittings and Exams

Glasses are great, however, if you are seeking the freedom from trying to keep them on your face during sports, exercise, stopping them from fogging up in cold weather or simply want the option to switch up your look, contact lenses can be for you.

Contact lenses offer you clear crisp vision without changing your look.  Come visit us to find the contacts that best suit you.

Full-Scope Eye Examination

We take pride in offering comprehensive eye examinations for individuals of all ages using innovative equipment to do a thorough and accurate assessment of your overall eye health.

Eye exams can detect the onset of eye disease or conditions which if undetected can lead to damaging your overall health if left untreated. 

We want the best for your vision, whether you see 20/20 or you need an updated lens prescription, our practice welcomes you, we are looking forward to listening to your needs and explaining all your options.


Children’s Eye Examination

They key to lifelong crisp vision and healthy eyes is an early start.  According to the Canadian Association of Optometrists, 25% of school-aged children experience problems with their vision. 

80% of learning is visual and 20% of learning disabilities result from visually related learning problems that are a result of a disconnect in communication from the eye to the brain. 

Routine eye examinations for children are as important as yearly visits to your physician/pediatrician and dentist to detect and correct any vision issues as soon as possible to ensure quality vision to help your child continue to thrive each and every day.

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