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Glaucoma Screenings and Management


Proper testing performed during comprehensive eye exams can detect early signs of glaucoma.  There is no cure for glaucoma, however early treatment can prevent further progression of the disease and save someone’s vision.

Different Types of Glaucoma


Primary Open Angle Glaucoma 

Primary Open Angle Glaucoma develops slowly when blockages form in your eye’s drainage system causing an increase in eye pressure which creates stress on the optic nerve.  The elevated eye pressure slowly damages the optic nerve which results in vision loss.


Angle Closure Glaucoma 

Angle Closure Glaucoma occurs when the drainage angle closes causing a rapid increase in your eye pressure which leads to emergency symptoms and needs to be treated as soon as possible.


Secondary Glaucoma 

Secondary Glaucoma can be a result of an infection, tumour, injury or certain medications that causes the eye pressure to rise. 


Normal Tension Glaucoma 

Normal Tension Glaucoma does not affect the eye pressure, but our team of optometrists can detect it by observing your optic nerve during your eye examination.

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